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Our projects

Our organization is involved in numerous Community focused projects


We promote education and learning through child sponsorship, donations of scholastic materials to pupils and students and all levels and rewarding best performance

Health care

The SCF Hospital is focused on promoting health and community wellness; supporting pregnant women with basic facilities, Mama kits, Water, sanitation, hygiene and home improvement efforts in communities.

Our hospital serves a population of over 300,000+ people from Zombo and beyond. Being the nearest and most accessible in the area, we have a vision to expand the hospital to provide specialized services like X-ray, surgery and other specialized treatments in the near future 


relief and humanitarian

Offering and supporting humanitarian initiatives, cross border peace and security, helping displaced persons, refugees, victims of conflicts and disasters etc.


SCF Promotes integrated games and Sports to young people both males and females through donations of Uniforms, balls, boots, seed money and building capacity for alternative income generating initiatives in the communities.

community ambulance services

We have a free standby emergency community-based ambulance fully operated by the SCF Hospital with direct support from Hon. Biyika Songa and friends of SCF. This ambulance service aims to promote community health for all; supporting pregnant women and patients under critical care with basic paramedical support, enhancing lifesaving up to the nearest available hospital.

volunteer and charity works

Impact the lives of others by giving. When we give, we don’t only help the immediate beneficiary of our gift. we  also spur a ripple effect of generosity within our community.

seed funding

SCF supports over 1000 registered village community saving groups of Women, Adwogufua, Girls, Youth, elderly across Zombo district and Surrounding Districts including some neighboring parts of the DRC Districts. 

We Promote social enterprises and entrepreneurships at all levels; Supporting groups in various initiatives such as making of soap, art and crafts, crop valuable addition, marketing and training for development.

Through this project, we provide money/capital to these groups to help them get their economic initiatives or businesses off the ground and start trading at a competitive level. For most groups, seed funding is an essential component of investment that can’t be under-looked.

religion and community support

Supporting and joining hands with all religious groups in their efforts for unity, construction of facilities, savings and alternative income generation.

SCF is dedicated to improving community infrastructures; access to roads, bridges; community learning centers and more. Community development empowers community members and creates stronger and more connected communities. 

Our holistic approach of involving religious leaders is a grounded principles of empowerment, human rights, inclusion, social justice, self-determination and collective action.

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